Ryla Redgale

And Tulogg

Ryla sat down and looked at Tulogg. A rope was tied around his waist and extended on behind him, forming a chain gang of unconscious bandits. The job had been fairly easy since the thieves were caught completely off guard, but something about it had gotten Ryla thinking. She couldn’t do this forever. The wandering, the adventuring, the fighting. Even if she could, she didn’t want to, but without any property to her name and no real skills beyond bashing up bandits with her golem, she had no way of getting a normal life. Tulogg sat down on a boulder and made a noise like a gravelly huff. He seemed tired. Still, the way that he was sitting gave Ryla an idea.

“Hey, Tulogg, I think I have an idea for our next job.” The stone golem looked up from the ground, a bit perplexed, though intrigued. “If we can do it, we’ll never have to take a job again.” Tulogg cocked his head for a moment, then straightened it in understanding. He nodded.

A wide grin took over Ryla’s face. She jumped up from the ground and motioned Tulogg do the same. “We’ll have to drop these guys off first,” Ryla was already hurrying to the village when Tulogg slowly stood up and started after her. “But after that, the Throne is as good as ours!”

Rylas 3D model has already been largely completed.

Rylas 3D model has already been largely completed.

Tulogg is Rylas trusty companion. During combat Tulogg is the one to brawl with enemies while Ryla travels on his back and throws spells at the competition. Together they form a fantastic duo that isn’t afraid to take on any enemy.



 What is Spark?

Spark is an exciting new Moba coming in 2019.

We’re taking the lessons learned from playing Mobas over the past 15 years to put a new spin on the genre.

With more focus on progression, a wider range of objectives and large variety in hero build options we’re creating a game that will let you shine in whatever way you want, even going as far as letting you fully change your playstyle mid match to adjust to the situation.

We’re a grassroots team of developers. Many of us found our beginning in creating custom games and even our primary funding comes from a source with strong ties to the custom games community. This also means we’re able to act fully in what we think is in the best interest for our game and our community.

Spark will also be a fully supported custom game platform. The game is being built from the ground up with custom games in mind and we’ll be providing a large variety of tools to help with the creation of custom games.

If you are interested in learning more about our game join our discord, we’re very active and interact with our community frequently. You can find our discord here.






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