I: Baingrove was one of the first cities touched by magic. Over the course of centuries the city itself has been lifted off of the ground by colossal trees and orchids imbued with arcane energies, making it home to some of the most bizarre and exotic creatures in the world.

II: Baingrove’s society is split between two layers: the canopy and the understory. The canopy sits atop the giant flowers that define the city, housing the wealthy and the powerful, but the life of the city lies below in the infamous Red Sky club and the massive Camellia Market.

III: Strange things first started to happen in Baingrove nearly 300 years ago when odd, vividly coloured flowers first began to bloom. The locals adapted with their environment, rebuilding their city atop the huge sprouting orchids and embracing the new magics that came with them.

IV: “Baingrove? Lovely place. Beautiful flowers, friendly people, and plenty of weird food if that’s your sort of thing. I remember once, when I was young, I climbed up the tree outside Magnolia Keep. The guards got a bit mad, but it was worth it. I miss that city.” -Vizaya Wyrmheart